Why Rituals?


Why Rituals?  A Ritual for change

Change is uncomfortable.   

We know deep down that change must happen. We might be able to feel the small shifts leading up to big change.   Often we want to ignore the signs or stay small in our worlds.  We fight change because we fear change.  We don’t want to feel uncomfortable.   We don’t want to accept change.  

But what if there was a way to become more comfortable with change?  What if there was something you could do on a regular basis to ease the fear of change, to ease the shadow from becoming destructive in your life and to help guide you to navigate change in a peaceful manner?  

This is why I started doing rituals on a monthly basis.  Because I knew change was coming and I didn’t know how to deal with it.   I could feel the fear start to build.  I could feel the energy of my life shifting and I knew I needed something to soothe my soul.

I use rituals as a way to connect with myself and to work with the Universe about the parts of my world that feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes my rituals can be as small as taking a bath 3 nights a week because it soothes me before bed.  Sometimes my rituals are large and require months of work.

What I do know from steady and continuous rituals in my life is that my life is changing and I am the happiest I have ever been.   I no longer fear change.   I feel like I finally found my lighthouse with Rituals and now I have direction and a guiding post.   I have a way to soothe my soul, to direct my creative energy and to watch my dreams manifest before my eyes.   There is something special about turning time into a ritual.  It means you are setting intention with your time and space. You are creating sacred space in your life for you.  


A Ritual for Change

With the fall upon, change is in the air.   I am in the midst of life altering change and even though I have been doing rituals for months to create this change, it is still overwhelming.   I created this ritual to help me plant the next steps of my journey.  Much like with a garden where you want to plant seeds to germinate over the winter, with this ritual you will be planting seeds to start harvesting in your future.  

I recently took a walk to admire the change in season.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I love the colors and the cozy angle of the sun.  I love how nature is closing down gently.  I love warm drinks, candle light and feather down comforters.  I love reading by the fire and walking with my hoodie on.   

On my walk I picked up leaves that caught my attention.  I knew I had a ritual to do with them.  Something was pulling me into working with these leaves.   I sat with it for a few days and took more walks.   I went quiet and suddenly it came to me this morning.   I want to create and release my next set of intentions with these leaves.   

Then I want to burn them.   Fire is so soothing to me right now.

Take a few moments to think about what your next set of intentions you want to manifest are.  What are the next steps you need to do to co-create your intentions?  Where are you feeling stuck or where resistance is strong right now?   Use those areas to create positive next steps.  Baby steps. Steps that will help you to overcome the next hurdle.   Write all of this down in your journal and then pick out the key phrases,feelings or next steps you need to talk.  None of these steps should feel stressful or too large.  We want small manageable steps that you excite you but also get you closer to your goal.  Write all of this on the leaves. Take time feeling which leaf wants which intention.  Maybe yellow wants to start eating healthier?  Maybe the red leaf is ready for you to sign up for that business event that you have been thinking about? Write it all on the leaves.  Take a photo of your leaves so you will have a record of this beautiful creation.   Then take your leaves and burn them one at a time feeling the release of your intention into the Universe.   Feel these intentions manifesting with ease.  Focus on that feeling.  


And release.

Change doesn’t feel so scary anymore after doing this.  Change now feels exciting and inviting.