Ritual for creating Creative Space for the August Full Moon

Ritual for creating Creative Space for the August Full Moon

This last week has been roller coaster energy.  There have been so many lessons coming from the Universe.   Most of them have been good but some have been hard as well.   It has been a good but exhausting week.  A week where I was truly grateful it ended on Friday.

But then something beautiful happened.  I woke up Saturday morning in a delicious creative space.  I suddenly wanted to dream again.  I wanted to take my time this weekend reworking on my big vision in life.  I wanted to create new vision maps.  I wanted to write in a new journal.  I wanted to sit in silence.

What I realized in doing all of the above was thanks to all the hard work I have been doing this year on working on my vision of what I want to create in life, is that my vision is bigger and more beautiful than before.   I am expanding on all levels.  My world is becoming bigger and my dreams are closer than ever.

What a great dive into creative energy this weekend has been.  Now as we roll into the energy of the super moon, I can feel where Jupiter is ready for me to expand my life.  My creative juices are on fire. The veil between my dream world and my everyday world is thin and expanding all at once.

I am encouraging all my clients right now to dive back into your dream in a creative way.  Because your dream may not be big enough yet and right now the Universe really wants us to dream big!

Ritual for the Creative Full Moon in August

Take the time in the next week to create a new vision board or dream journal.   Start with the old dream and add more to it.  More feelings, more details, more color!  How good could you stand this dream?  Then add more to it.   

Sit down with a special candle that you will burn from today to the night of August 29th.  Create this vision board with it.   Light it everyday and spend a few minutes each day thinking about your dream. Then start looking for clues that the universe is listening.  Because I promise the Universe is listening.  These signs could show up as feathers, grasshoppers, butterfly's, your favorite song, old friends coming back into your life, new friends, a delicious book that is just what you needed to read. There are so many signs the universe likes to place in our path.  If we are listening, watching and expecting these  signs, we will see them. 


So go out and get creative!