Harvesting Love - New Moon Ritual for August

Harvesting Love - New Moon Ritual

This new moon is all about harvesting love. The new moon also happens to fall on a day when Venus and the sun meet which is called a Venus Star Point. Which means this new moon is a great new moon to think about what your dream is for the next 8 years of your life when it comes to love and home. What does this look like. What will make your heart and spirit sing?
Spend some time this new moon thinking about what you have learned over the summer. What fears have come up? What painful situations have surfaced that need to be cleared out?

What do you deeply desire?

We have come out of the loss and struggle of the summer. The amount of energy required this summer has been exhausting! It’s now time to start harvesting these seeds we have planted. Let’s keep working on the vision. Think of the next few new moon rituals like pruning the new growth of your vision. How can you get even more clear on your vision? How can you align more closely with what your heart truly wants.

Friday night I suggest you wear something that makes you feel lovely, sexy or feeds your heart. You should have a meal that feeds your soul. You should light as many candles as you can because this new moon is all about fire. And you should write about what your vision for love looks like in your life over the next 8 years.

Does this vision mean you will be married? Single? Having a baby? Finally an empty nester? Does this vision mean you will be working for yourself? Does it mean you will be adopting new fur babies?

The point is, how can you create a life you truly LOVE?

Write two copies of your list and save one. Then burn one and watch the smoke go up into the air.
You are releasing.

There has been so much loss and pressure this summer. We all need to release. Release and trust that the universe has provided the nutrients needed to grow our intentions and that harvest season is upon us.

Blue Moon Ritual for July 31st

Blue Moon Ritual  -  Release and Call In 

Over the last several months/weeks/years, you have been receiving little messages or small feelings of aching to change in certain area's of your life.

This blue moon is a giant exit sign asking you to release the old story and keep the focus on your big dream.

What area's in your life no longer feel comfortable? Where are you ready to bring in this new story? What needs to change within you?

On the 31st or starting on the 30th, make a list of what you are ready to release . Where are you yearning for healthy action? This is not a should list but a deep soul searching list of where you are ready for change.

I recommend making two copies. One to save and one to burn. As always, ask for this work to be done with ease. None of us need any more struggle after the last few months.

Let go, release and sit with it. This is powerful work we are doing.

Additional homework-

We have been working on our big dream over the last few new moons. So let's finish this big release with calling in the new story. Rewrite the big dream list with this new releasing energy. Some items may no longer feel right. Replace them with new items that make you want to dance from joy. Take time to think about this list after your magical release work. Really feel where your big dream is at this time. Rework the list and feel excited.

With a magical blue moon release like this we don't want to get stuck in the old story. We want to use this energy to propel us forward.

We won't have another blue moon for several years so let's release what no longer serves us and focus on what makes our heart and spirit feel loved and excited.