When The Spirit Is Ready For A Change

Anastasia is a former coworker that reached out to me after learning about Ritual Coaching.   She is not a typical client but she is also not a typical lady.  She is a powerhouse in a small package.   Her spirit is ready for some magic but her analytical mind was/still is not in belief mode.  Until this week.

When Anastasia and I reconnected and had lunch a few months ago she opened up about being ready for a job change.   Her spirit was aching for a change and she was searching for her next step.  She knew something was off but didn’t know what to do.   Over lunch I was able to get her to open up about her big dream.  What does this new job she wanted to manifest look like?   She kept being shown closed doors, but what would the door look like that would open?    I sent her away in June with homework and a promise to consider doing the work I outlined for her.   I knew she thought it was silly and I actually didn’t know if she would even do it.  She is a new mother of a very active toddler and a full time Marketing maven at a billion dollar company.  So her time is limited and her trust in magic is still developing.   

Fast forward to 3 months later.   I received a note from her this morning asking if we could meet for coffee. When I arrived she had the biggest smile on her face.  Her energy was lighter and she felt relaxed in a new way.   At one point over the last 3 months she sent me a message to tell me she did the homework but I didn’t hear anything else.   Well, today she told me the good news.  She had just received and accepted an offer for her dream job at a dream company.  Actually, the DREAM company we talked about months ago over lunch.  I had no idea she applied or interviewed.  I have literally had been in the dark about her life over the last few months but I had been thinking of her.

I am so proud of her for doing her work,  getting clear on her dream and going for it.   She credits it to the work we did together.  I credit it to her and the universe finally being on the same page.   I just assisted with the process.  After our meeting today I left her with another assignment to cross the threshold into this new life.   What would a catch up session with me be if I didn’t give magical homework?