Taming The Feral Cat

Taming the feral cat

Jasmine is someone I have known for years. When she found out about ritual coaching she asked if she could sign up as one of my first clients.  I was over the moon that she trusted the work I am doing enough to agree to this process.

Jasmine is a magic powerhouse.  Her lineage can be traced back to the Salem witch trials and an ancestor that was killed during that time. Jasmine grew up without any magical training but has always had a very vivid imagination. When we started working together it became very clear that because of her manifesting powers the first thing I needed to do was ground her.  She has been manifesting the wrong things in her life but had no idea she was doing it.  It became very clear to me that with guidance and assistance, I would have a powerhouse on my hands.  

We got to work trying to clear some space in her mind, her life and her home.  Jasmine is the mother of two beautiful small children so we are going to have to work on a long term plan because of all the demands on her in life right now.  Small magical steps that will help her to realize in one year from now her life will look totally different.  

Her first assignment was to be quiet and try to start feel and understand energy.  I wanted her to understand how powerful she is.  This assignment was not as easy as it sounds.  Jasmine has been living in such a constant state of being ungrounded that even the thought of grounding was hard.  However, magic was already starting in her.  She took this exercise as an opportunity to start clearing out her office and space. She told me that one of her dreams she wanted to manifest was to work on her art.  What she realized in our early work was that her art space was not set up for her to do the work she needed to do.  She so got to work in clearing out this space to start creating.  

I also started to work on helping her to understand that she is such a powerful manifestor that she was manifesting uncomfortable living situations with neighbors by not understanding energy and power she had with her mind.  She had very loud and rude neighbors that kept waking her children up at night.  But by focusing on the negative emotions she was experiencing around her living situation, it was causing more pain than positive living experiences.  So we went deep into understanding what a neutral stance would feel like.  This will help her to stop the negative manifesting and give us enough space to start creating the positive living environment her spirit is crying out for.  

We are in the midst of our work together so there is not an end to this story.  However, Jasmine did start an art project that is quickly gaining popularity and will hopefully supply an income soon.   She has been able to shift her feelings towards her living situation so it is calming down.  And everyday Jasmine is becoming more comfortable and knowledgeable about her magical powers.  She is realizing that she can in fact manifest her dreams.  I am so honored to be along on this journey with her.  Once she realized how powerful she is, look out world!  We will all know her.

Emily has helped turn my life around.  She puts you in touch with your inner magic, your creativity, and your love.  I was frustrated and had become increasingly negative and unproductive. My life felt impossible and I was in a rut. She gently guided me through recognizing areas I wanted to change, and then coached me towards making these changes real. And it worked. My creativity is starting to blossom and I'm beginning to remember what it feels like to be happy and productive.  Her approach is supportive, and really helps make a deep positive and practical change in your life.  The Ritual Coach is not a bandaid but both a tonic and a cure to help get your mojo back!

- Jasmine