A Call to Celebrate

A Call to Celebrate

Danica came to me because she was searching for peace.  Danica has a successful company, a wonderful relationship and the most amazing friends and family.  Yet something was missing. Her mind was racing with worst case scenarios despite this wonderful life.   She knew deep down there was magic she wanted to uncover and get in touch with but she didn’t know how.  Danica is a powerful magic maker and powerhouse when she is balanced. 

We started our work together by calling in her new story.   We needed a guiding light to focus on while we worked to balance Danica's power.   Her homework consisted of connecting with the moon at night in her back yard, creating quiet time and burning her old story.   These are all very helpful tools for grounding and balancing.   In these quiet times, Danica is balanced and ready to welcome in her new story.  

As we moved forward in our work it became very clear that Danica needed to celebrate herself.  She has always been the first to celebrate others but her spirit was crying for her own party.   Once we had her grounded and her mind was quiet and open, we got together to make a special celebration candle.  Part Joy, part magic and part wish candle, she was instructed to use this as her birthday candle when surrounded by her loved ones.  This candle allows her to bring rituals into her life in a gentle way and to bring magic into her life in a big way.

During our time together Danica has been faced with several difficult situations that would have derailed her in the past.  But now, she is able to face these hard situations with her power stance.  She is grounded and ready to celebrate life and focus on the joy in life.  


I have known Emily for years, but recently came to her through "coincidence" and curiosity. It was the universe telling me to do so. Emily's ability to see, feel and help is INCREDIBLE!! During and after our session I felt the energy! She helped me see my value and worth and how together we can change my future! I believe that with Emily's abilities and magic - I will be able to be the authentic me and know how to harness my powers and magic! Can't wait for my next ritual and session!