When Venus and the Priestess meet - Sasha's Story

One of my favorite things in the world is client stories so I have decided to start sharing the work that I am doing with my clients. Because everyone has a beautiful story to tell.


When Venus and the Priestess meet

When working with clients, we focus on what energy is coming forth, trying to integrate these energies and where personal blocks are. This is very valuable work to help clear the way for intentions to manifest. Each client has very different energy that steps forward and presents itself. I am thrilled every time I identify and meet new energy types.

For my client Sasha, we have two main energy archetypes presenting themselves that are not integrating. Sasha is a very successful woman who uses her analytical brain to understand numbers and finance. She is a super star in this world and is quickly becoming known as an expert in her field. Sasha is a Priestess in her desire to be strong and help other women find strength in themselves. Yet when she came to me, she knew something was missing. Luckily for me, she was one of my first clients and came to me eager to understand this missing piece.

In our first session, I was able to see how eager Venus energy wanted to come into her world. Venus is love energy, it is sexual energy, and it’s strong feminine energy. It’s a very different energy than she was used to. Sasha is beginning to realize is that Venus energy runs through her in a very strong manner yet has been back burnered for many years so she could become that powerful expert in a male-dominated field. I am also someone who has survived in the corporate world for a long time, and I understand the need for the Venus energy to be put away. But now as a Ritual Coach, I can see how strong and powerful it is to combine these two energies.

Sasha and I moved slowly at first to welcome the Venus energy back in. I wanted to ease her into this energy because in our modern times, Venus energy can feel irresponsible or even downright scary. Living the life as someone who is 100 percent in her feminine energy is too fluid for most people. However, if we can slowly integrate Venus into Sasha’s world, it will help her bring forth her intentions.

In the above photo, you can see one of Sasha’s homework projects. We wanted her to start to integrate the Venus energy with the Priestess energy. Placed on opposite sides of the table, two altars are built to honor these energies: Venus on one side and the Priestess on the other side. Since starting our work together, Sasha is witnessing amazing work-related intentions come true. She is about to be recognized on a national scale and she deserves it. But after our last session, we also realized that we needed this energy to integrate with her Venus energy because these two energies are currently separate from each other. She is calling in the Venus energy, which she can now identify, but we need to merge it with the Priestess energy. The fact she was living in these two polar opposite spheres is causing blocks in her moving forward towards a holistic life where love and success happily coexist.

Sasha is in the midst of this exercise and I will post an update when her two altars have become one.

Sasha's Testimonial -

"I started working with Emily after inquiring about lunar cycles in a group forum. I had noticed that I was much more aware of the moon and shifts I felt throughout the various moon cycles and I wanted to know more. I had no idea what "ritual" coaching entailed - but was really drawn to Emily's practical and almost scholarly approach and understanding. Her practical experience, depth of subject matter knowledge, and natural intuitive gifts make for powerful coaching sessions that use ritual as a way of integrating the output from the coaching conversation. The ritual deepens my connection to my own intuition, and with nature. As a result, I am feeling more centered, more peaceful, and trusting at a whole other level." 
--Sasha W