When The Spirit Is Ready For A Change

Anastasia is a former coworker that reached out to me after learning about Ritual Coaching.   She is not a typical client but she is also not a typical lady.  She is a powerhouse in a small package.   Her spirit is ready for some magic but her analytical mind was/still is not in belief mode.  Until this week.

When Anastasia and I reconnected and had lunch a few months ago she opened up about being ready for a job change.   Her spirit was aching for a change and she was searching for her next step.  She knew something was off but didn’t know what to do.   Over lunch I was able to get her to open up about her big dream.  What does this new job she wanted to manifest look like?   She kept being shown closed doors, but what would the door look like that would open?    I sent her away in June with homework and a promise to consider doing the work I outlined for her.   I knew she thought it was silly and I actually didn’t know if she would even do it.  She is a new mother of a very active toddler and a full time Marketing maven at a billion dollar company.  So her time is limited and her trust in magic is still developing.   

Fast forward to 3 months later.   I received a note from her this morning asking if we could meet for coffee. When I arrived she had the biggest smile on her face.  Her energy was lighter and she felt relaxed in a new way.   At one point over the last 3 months she sent me a message to tell me she did the homework but I didn’t hear anything else.   Well, today she told me the good news.  She had just received and accepted an offer for her dream job at a dream company.  Actually, the DREAM company we talked about months ago over lunch.  I had no idea she applied or interviewed.  I have literally had been in the dark about her life over the last few months but I had been thinking of her.

I am so proud of her for doing her work,  getting clear on her dream and going for it.   She credits it to the work we did together.  I credit it to her and the universe finally being on the same page.   I just assisted with the process.  After our meeting today I left her with another assignment to cross the threshold into this new life.   What would a catch up session with me be if I didn’t give magical homework?

Taming The Feral Cat

Taming the feral cat

Jasmine is someone I have known for years. When she found out about ritual coaching she asked if she could sign up as one of my first clients.  I was over the moon that she trusted the work I am doing enough to agree to this process.

Jasmine is a magic powerhouse.  Her lineage can be traced back to the Salem witch trials and an ancestor that was killed during that time. Jasmine grew up without any magical training but has always had a very vivid imagination. When we started working together it became very clear that because of her manifesting powers the first thing I needed to do was ground her.  She has been manifesting the wrong things in her life but had no idea she was doing it.  It became very clear to me that with guidance and assistance, I would have a powerhouse on my hands.  

We got to work trying to clear some space in her mind, her life and her home.  Jasmine is the mother of two beautiful small children so we are going to have to work on a long term plan because of all the demands on her in life right now.  Small magical steps that will help her to realize in one year from now her life will look totally different.  

Her first assignment was to be quiet and try to start feel and understand energy.  I wanted her to understand how powerful she is.  This assignment was not as easy as it sounds.  Jasmine has been living in such a constant state of being ungrounded that even the thought of grounding was hard.  However, magic was already starting in her.  She took this exercise as an opportunity to start clearing out her office and space. She told me that one of her dreams she wanted to manifest was to work on her art.  What she realized in our early work was that her art space was not set up for her to do the work she needed to do.  She so got to work in clearing out this space to start creating.  

I also started to work on helping her to understand that she is such a powerful manifestor that she was manifesting uncomfortable living situations with neighbors by not understanding energy and power she had with her mind.  She had very loud and rude neighbors that kept waking her children up at night.  But by focusing on the negative emotions she was experiencing around her living situation, it was causing more pain than positive living experiences.  So we went deep into understanding what a neutral stance would feel like.  This will help her to stop the negative manifesting and give us enough space to start creating the positive living environment her spirit is crying out for.  

We are in the midst of our work together so there is not an end to this story.  However, Jasmine did start an art project that is quickly gaining popularity and will hopefully supply an income soon.   She has been able to shift her feelings towards her living situation so it is calming down.  And everyday Jasmine is becoming more comfortable and knowledgeable about her magical powers.  She is realizing that she can in fact manifest her dreams.  I am so honored to be along on this journey with her.  Once she realized how powerful she is, look out world!  We will all know her.

Emily has helped turn my life around.  She puts you in touch with your inner magic, your creativity, and your love.  I was frustrated and had become increasingly negative and unproductive. My life felt impossible and I was in a rut. She gently guided me through recognizing areas I wanted to change, and then coached me towards making these changes real. And it worked. My creativity is starting to blossom and I'm beginning to remember what it feels like to be happy and productive.  Her approach is supportive, and really helps make a deep positive and practical change in your life.  The Ritual Coach is not a bandaid but both a tonic and a cure to help get your mojo back!

- Jasmine

A Call to Celebrate

A Call to Celebrate

Danica came to me because she was searching for peace.  Danica has a successful company, a wonderful relationship and the most amazing friends and family.  Yet something was missing. Her mind was racing with worst case scenarios despite this wonderful life.   She knew deep down there was magic she wanted to uncover and get in touch with but she didn’t know how.  Danica is a powerful magic maker and powerhouse when she is balanced. 

We started our work together by calling in her new story.   We needed a guiding light to focus on while we worked to balance Danica's power.   Her homework consisted of connecting with the moon at night in her back yard, creating quiet time and burning her old story.   These are all very helpful tools for grounding and balancing.   In these quiet times, Danica is balanced and ready to welcome in her new story.  

As we moved forward in our work it became very clear that Danica needed to celebrate herself.  She has always been the first to celebrate others but her spirit was crying for her own party.   Once we had her grounded and her mind was quiet and open, we got together to make a special celebration candle.  Part Joy, part magic and part wish candle, she was instructed to use this as her birthday candle when surrounded by her loved ones.  This candle allows her to bring rituals into her life in a gentle way and to bring magic into her life in a big way.

During our time together Danica has been faced with several difficult situations that would have derailed her in the past.  But now, she is able to face these hard situations with her power stance.  She is grounded and ready to celebrate life and focus on the joy in life.  


I have known Emily for years, but recently came to her through "coincidence" and curiosity. It was the universe telling me to do so. Emily's ability to see, feel and help is INCREDIBLE!! During and after our session I felt the energy! She helped me see my value and worth and how together we can change my future! I believe that with Emily's abilities and magic - I will be able to be the authentic me and know how to harness my powers and magic! Can't wait for my next ritual and session!


When Venus and the Priestess meet - Sasha's Story

One of my favorite things in the world is client stories so I have decided to start sharing the work that I am doing with my clients. Because everyone has a beautiful story to tell.


When Venus and the Priestess meet

When working with clients, we focus on what energy is coming forth, trying to integrate these energies and where personal blocks are. This is very valuable work to help clear the way for intentions to manifest. Each client has very different energy that steps forward and presents itself. I am thrilled every time I identify and meet new energy types.

For my client Sasha, we have two main energy archetypes presenting themselves that are not integrating. Sasha is a very successful woman who uses her analytical brain to understand numbers and finance. She is a super star in this world and is quickly becoming known as an expert in her field. Sasha is a Priestess in her desire to be strong and help other women find strength in themselves. Yet when she came to me, she knew something was missing. Luckily for me, she was one of my first clients and came to me eager to understand this missing piece.

In our first session, I was able to see how eager Venus energy wanted to come into her world. Venus is love energy, it is sexual energy, and it’s strong feminine energy. It’s a very different energy than she was used to. Sasha is beginning to realize is that Venus energy runs through her in a very strong manner yet has been back burnered for many years so she could become that powerful expert in a male-dominated field. I am also someone who has survived in the corporate world for a long time, and I understand the need for the Venus energy to be put away. But now as a Ritual Coach, I can see how strong and powerful it is to combine these two energies.

Sasha and I moved slowly at first to welcome the Venus energy back in. I wanted to ease her into this energy because in our modern times, Venus energy can feel irresponsible or even downright scary. Living the life as someone who is 100 percent in her feminine energy is too fluid for most people. However, if we can slowly integrate Venus into Sasha’s world, it will help her bring forth her intentions.

In the above photo, you can see one of Sasha’s homework projects. We wanted her to start to integrate the Venus energy with the Priestess energy. Placed on opposite sides of the table, two altars are built to honor these energies: Venus on one side and the Priestess on the other side. Since starting our work together, Sasha is witnessing amazing work-related intentions come true. She is about to be recognized on a national scale and she deserves it. But after our last session, we also realized that we needed this energy to integrate with her Venus energy because these two energies are currently separate from each other. She is calling in the Venus energy, which she can now identify, but we need to merge it with the Priestess energy. The fact she was living in these two polar opposite spheres is causing blocks in her moving forward towards a holistic life where love and success happily coexist.

Sasha is in the midst of this exercise and I will post an update when her two altars have become one.

Sasha's Testimonial -

"I started working with Emily after inquiring about lunar cycles in a group forum. I had noticed that I was much more aware of the moon and shifts I felt throughout the various moon cycles and I wanted to know more. I had no idea what "ritual" coaching entailed - but was really drawn to Emily's practical and almost scholarly approach and understanding. Her practical experience, depth of subject matter knowledge, and natural intuitive gifts make for powerful coaching sessions that use ritual as a way of integrating the output from the coaching conversation. The ritual deepens my connection to my own intuition, and with nature. As a result, I am feeling more centered, more peaceful, and trusting at a whole other level." 
--Sasha W