Little Inspirations

I can’t believe another week has gone by!

I successfully completed my first week of chemotherapy. I’m actually getting my second infusion this Wednesday, so week two is almost in the books. Time feels like it is going so fast and slow right now.

Managing my symptoms and side effects of the treatments feels like a full time job right now. Everyday is different and unexpected. I have been keeping a medical diary each day so that I can understand how I feel each day. I heard that the side effects you feel after your first treatment will be what you feel each time and each time it will be slightly stronger. It also helps me keep track of any issues I need to address with my doctor. I would highly recommend this Ritual to anyone going through chemotherapy. It’s so helpful to look back at each day and see how you felt. It will also help when the side effects becoming stronger and I can’t remember what things felt like.

I have also been digging into historical documentaries. For some reason watching vintage footage and hearing about historical events is very soothing for my brain. I started with the Ken Burns documentary on Jazz music. It’s such a good mini series and should be required watching for everyone. Watching it reminds me so much of my stepfather Pat. I wish I could talk with him about the musicians I am learning about. He had such knowledge about American musical history. It feels good to honor him in this way.

This week also allowed me to leave the house a couple of days to see friends and run some errands. It felt so good to be out and about and doing normal things. The weather is starting to cool down here in Seattle so I have been able to pull out my favorite sweaters and hats. I am so grateful for this change in the weather. My sister even knitted a cashmere hat for me that I will wear with pride once my hair falls out. I will try to post a photo soon on Instagram.

Today I start my pre-chemotherapy rituals. These include adding mineral broth to my diet and increasing my smoothies. I also will slowly lighten up on my meals to prepare my body. I increase my fruits and veggies and decrease my carbs. I will also prepare my room for a couple of days where I will be resting and unable to do much.

Have a great week!