Little miracles everywhere

One of the most beautiful parts of my infusion on Wednesday was how loved my nurse made me feel. She told me after our first meeting together that she signed herself up to be my main nurse for the infusions. I felt so seen and loved in that moment. She has been reading my charts and keeping an eye on my progress.

I am so excited that I will get to spend another three to four months with her. I hope to bring her baked treats and flowers to show her I appreciate her. It’s the people that are helping me to heal.

I was also able to go out for dinner with a guy friend this week. I only get to see him when a tour brings him through town so it’s about once a year. For those few hours I felt good to be out and about. I am a little weaker for the evening but seeing this friend warmed my heart up so much, it was worth it. I can’t wait to visit him and his wife in LA once my chemo is over and I need some sun!

So much love to you all!