Infusion #3

Lately I am witnessing changes in my mind. Writing has become a little more tiresome. Conversations can take fun and new directions. I am forgetting a lot of things. I never knew what “chemo brain” meant but I now have a very good idea of what it is like. It’s like my brain is moving slowly and on it’s own track.

In other news, the infusions have been very manageable. I have been able to go out and about in the world this change of seasons. I’ve been watching the leaves turn colors while I walk in the parks with friends. I have been able to have a delightful afternoon lunches with friends. I feel like a normal person for a few hours out of the day. In these moments, they are times when my cancer is not on the top of my mind. These moments are so important to my healing.

Another way I have managing my infusions is by being active in my garden. I was able to plant 80 or more daffodils in anticipation of the spring this week. Gardening has become obsession. Growing food for my community in on my mind. This includes humans and nature, birds, bees and all the insects we need to survive. With each season there are things to do. It has become my meditation and therapy. Turning the gardens over and making notes of the lessons I have learned. It is a beautiful hobby.

Lastly, I am so excited to attend the Jubilee Seattle event happening in November. I'm excited to finally be ready to start on my website Home Cook Traveler. It’s my passion project. Jubilee Seattle will introduce me to women that are creating much needed change in the food industry. I am looking forward to being a part of this change.

Needless to say, things are well aside of my slower mind. A slower mind that is learning new things everyday.