Please bring me all the Hibiscus Tea

Please bring me all the Hibiscus Tea

I feel like I am emerging from the first chemo infusion.  I almost feeling normal again.  I realized it was not just the chemo that had been causing me to struggle but also all the procedures leading up to the first infusion.  But today, today I celebrate.  I feel like I am coming out of the fog and I feel not too bad.

I woke up early and walked Ahmi.  We are on a strange early to bed, early to rise program.  It’s East Coast time for a West Coast girl.  After walking ahmi, I was able do some chores which is a huge deal for me at the moment and now I am writing.   It’s all mundane stuff but it’s the stuff I have been craving.

I keep thinking about Julia Louis Dreyfus and how important keeping her life, work and her comedy were for her.  I am trying to adopt this approach as well.  I am going to give my body what it needs but I also want to keep moving forward with my interests in life.  I don’t want this experience to cause me to come to a screeching halt.

Balance is another thing I am thinking about. I will have about eight different days all within a day of my life. This means my energy will go up and drop numerous times over the course of the day depending on the medication. It’s a roller-coaster of all your senses. I can’t make any declarations because within an hour , I will say the exact opposite thing. So it all requires me to focus on balance. How can I feel better without tiring myself out? How can I keep calm so that I don’t exhaust myself with emotions?

All of this is to say, I think things are going pretty good considering everything. I feel good some moments, some moments I feel sick mostly I am just grateful to be alive and able to heal..