Chemo was fun!

Someone asked me yesterday how my 2nd chemo infusion was and I answered truthfully,

“Chemo was fun!”

This is actually how I felt. My friend Kim sat with me and the nurse we had that night was really fun. We laughed the whole time and talked about life. I really can see how this decision of mine to heal my cancer with laughter is working.

My first post chemo day this week was not bad at all. I was able to do a couple of things are the house and I walked 3 miles with ahmi. I laughed with friends on the phone and generally had a good day.

I also read a report from the NIH that said Hibiscus can aid in helping the chemo do it’s job against some of the cancers I have. I am sure the dosage they were talking about are much higher than my tea intake but it confirmed my intuition is still strong. Why would I crave hibiscus tea so much these last few weeks? I love it when my body speaks to me. Chai Tea and Hibiscus tea are going on my list of cancer important steps to help against side effects.

Have a great day!

Its a Friday the 13th Full Moon.

Get dreamy today. Move slow and in the flow. Laugh as much as you can and dream big!