First Chemo Done

This past week marked my first chemo infusion.

It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did feel ill but I was also able to give my body what it needed. Bland foods, smoothies, rest, walks and some Norther Exposure. My cure-all show.

My mom came out to help me prepare for chemo and stayed for my first infusion. She is one organized Goddess. I was sad to see her leave. It’s always nice to have people that can come in and do all the things you don’t realize you need, like a medicine wall calendar. I had no idea how mushy my brain would become on Chemo.

I am coming off the steroids tomorrow which worries me a bit. I was finally able to eat today so I don’t want to lose my appetite by coming off the steroids but I think it will be OK.

My big realization of the week?

The fact that chemo felt just like a college hangover. I can’t believe I poisoned myself so much in college! Whoa nelly.