Nature Bathing

Today I spent the day at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island.

I am so grateful for today. I am finally starting to have the energy to do things besides just managing the side effects from Chemo after this last infusion. This healing from cancer thing is a full time job! I went to the reserve with a good friend to help her celebrate a new job and we both loved it. We walked among the trees and ferns taking photos and talking about life.

It was beautiful.

The air was thick with magic.

There’s an amazing house that you can tour in the middle of the property. While we were visiting the house the rain started to come down hard and it turned out to be perfect timing. We just happened to be sitting in the living room and looking out the window at the beautiful view of the Sound. We were able to wait the rain out and just relax in this beautiful and healing environment. They had the Lord of the Rings soundtrack playing in the background and even that music fit the environment perfectly.

If you ever get a chance to check out the Reserve, I highly recommend it. They have immaculate gardens and so much nature within this special place.

I am now in preparation mode. Next week is my final infusion of the Red Devil. It feels so good to almost be done with this phase of my treatment. The red devil is very strong and intense. I hear it’s one of the strongest mixes you can have. I have been managing my symptoms and I am doing well but some days it feels like a full time job. After a short break, I will start 3 months of the next chemo mixture which is supposed to be easier on the body. I am looking forward to a lighter chemo.

Preparation mode includes getting my body and physical space ready for healing mode. I took very detailed notes for each infusion so I know what to expect but it’s always nice to prepare for my sessions. I have found that drinking a lot of liquids and focusing on fresh foods before my infusions helps me post infusion to manage the nausea.

Cancer has been such a beautiful teacher in so many ways. Most of all, I am learning about how to fully care for myself and my needs. It has been a hard lesson some days and some days it feels so simple and easy. I am really trying to remain open to learning about this experience can teach me. Today was a good day in the lesson of Forest Bathing and being flexible. Even when it rains.