Rainy Sunday Morning

One of the things I love about where I live is on Sunday mornings it's quiet.  It's so quiet I can hear the seagulls, the trains, the boats and sometimes I can even hear seals.  I like to get up early, make my cup of tea and sit with all my doors and windows opens.  Just listening to beautiful sounds while being still.   I usually will either write in my journal or read a book while enjoying the morning and waiting for the farmers market to open.

It feels good to slow down a bit after a very intense 6 months of constant movement.  I am breathing this week and catching up on relaxing.

One of my tools this weekend to sink deeper into magic and relaxing is the new book by  Menna Van Praag . I have been slowly reading her new book The Witches of Cambridge.   I don't normally love or use  the Witch word.  In fact I try to stay away from it due to historical ignorance.  But this book is so delightful and fun.  Every passage swirls my mind of memories, of connections, of characters that will continue to follow me in the future.  Sometimes it feels good to finally see myself in book characters.   To have someone write about what my life feels like at times.   

For me it's knowing what my clients or friends need and being able to create items to help them.   Sometimes I like to play a game where I will make a client bath salts before they arrive for our session.  I will have no idea what's going on with them but intuitively I know.   I  like to give them the bath salts in the beginning of the session to see if the intention aligns with where they are at.  So far every single time it has been spot on.  The bath salts are exactly what they need.  Sometimes I make candles.  Sometimes I make magical jars.  It just depends on where my client is at that moment in time.   This is where I connect with all the magical realism fiction books being put out.  My life is very magical.  I do live in a constantly magical and beautiful place.  It's not without it's ups and downs but for the most part.  It's pure magic.  Being able to help people with my magic is my life long dream come true.  

Another one of my favorite authors is  Sarah Addison Allen .  Her books have been my yearly treat.  I pre-order every book knowing I will love it.   Start with Garden Spells .  You will fall in love.  

I am off to finish my cup of tea, read some more of my book and slowly start my day.   It feels good to just have a weekend to myself.  I needed to recharge my magic.