Retrograde Slowdown

With so many planets in retrograde, there is nothing to do but to slow down.  This is what I have been telling myself lately.   Normally a very active and fast paced person, these last few weeks I have been crawling.  Luckily because of my ritual coaching work,  I know when we have something like 5 planets going into retrograde, it's ok to be lazy.  It's not the end of the world.  If I allow myself to slow down now, it means when things speed up I will be rested.  

So what have I been doing with my slow down time?  I have been writing, reading and for the first time in years, watching TV.  Yep!  You heard that right.  I actually watched some TV.  Normally I avoid TV or movies because it takes away from my dreams and my work.  But lately I have been finding inspiration in the most unusual places.    Last week I watched Dice, the Andrew Dice Clay TV show and followed it up with the new Russell Brand documentary.  Very different content yet very interesting as well.  Both men reached heights in their careers that very few will reach, both had some sort of "fall" or "battle" and both are now somewhat humbled by their current place in life.   I could go into the hero myth, falls from grace and other human experiences I witnessed from this content but really what I walked away with was the question of - What would truly make me truly happy?  

Clearly fame and fortune does not make people divinely happy so how can I reach my bliss without needing the rise and fall from fame that these men required to bring them to a place of being humbled.  

I will say that I watched this content after waking up at 4 am and not being able to go back to sleep so maybe I am over thinking the content.  Who knows.   What I do know is that it is a delightful combo of content to watch and I walked away pretty happy the rest of the day thinking about what makes me truly happy in life.  

I am happy to report the answers are pretty simple.  Good friends, writing, sunshine, owning my own schedule and not having to stress about money.  This pretty much is my baseline for happiness.   

What's your baseline?